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Pack Dispersal Panic

Dreaded valise

There’s a song I’ve heard on the radio by a group called Big Head Todd and the Monsters (and I’ve heard people say Arlo is a funny name!). The refrain is something along the lines of…. “I hate it when … Continue reading

Four easy ways to look cute


(1) When you rip up a sofa pillow, newspaper or a cashmere sock and those people you live with scold you, tip your head ever so slightly down and to the left. This will make your eyes look larger and … Continue reading

To Each His Own

Truffle Hog

        The truffle hog or truffle pig is a domestic pig used for locating and extracting a type of tuber known as truffles from temperate forests in Europe and North America. The pigs have a good sense … Continue reading

Art of the Belly Rub


        As we all know, one of the best things about living with humans is the fact that most of them have perfected the belly rub.  Oh, it feels SO good.  But alas, unless one has learned … Continue reading