Be Careful What You Wish For


As my readers know, I (along with my human parents) have been considering adding a puppy to our family for some time now. I was reticent at first, but warmed to the idea over time. Well, a lot of things sound better in concept than they turn out to be in reality.

Meet Scarlett, my new little sister.


She is little, but feisty, and it’s been a struggle to teach her the way we do things around here. Some recent examples…..

Some of my food interests are upsetting to my humans, but Scarlett will literally eat anything she finds. Banana slugs, her own poop, half a sponge, live flies, the list goes on and on. I am amazed and horrified.

She does not seem to understand that I AM IN CHARGE. Just when I think I’ve put down her latest rebellion, she jumps out from behind a chair and nips my chin. Is that any way to respect one’s elders?   I think not.

Everyone says how cute she is. Well, that’s just fine, except I have always been the attractive dog that strangers comment upon. Hopefully she will get a little uglier as she grows up.


Toys. There is a special approach that I have to selecting the perfect item to play with from my vast toy box. I often lay three or four items out for some additional inspection before making my decision. This little pup just walks right up and snatches things that I am considering, without so much as a by your leave.



On the other hand… she does follow me everywhere and seems to rather adore me. This is mostly nice. She has quickly learned to appreciate the after dinner rock. And, she has almost mastered the dog door. So, it appears that she’s pretty smart.

DSC01399I guess I’ll give her another couple of weeks to see how she works out.

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