Love and Loss

Oh, so sad

My devoted readers will note that I have been terribly remiss in my writing over the past year. When last I shared my thoughts, there was a new little sister in my world.


In the garden

Scarlett filled my every waking moment (and quite a few of my attempted sleeping ones) with her Labrador exuberance. She jumped and ran and nipped and rolled and wrestled her way through each day.  She was fearless about everything (something I admit that I struggle with) and was the best swimmer I’ve ever known.  Besides, she was great in a sleeping dog pile.

Our Holiday PhotoWhile a lot of her antics were a bit annoying, I came to love her intensely.

You’ll notice that I’m using a past tense in my descriptions. We lost our sweet little scamp to cancer last month and the house is entirely too quiet. While no one could possibly replace Scarlett, I’m kind of hoping that Mom and Dad bring home another brother or sister for me sometime soon.

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