Meet Arlo


Ball DudeMy name is Arlo and I come from humble, mixed breed, beginnings: my father is a foxhound and my mother a corgi mix. I’m told I inherited my father’s charm and good looks, and my mother’s brains and herding skills.

I was born on December 14, 2012 in Covelo, California and my very early days were spent as an orphan at the Mendocino Coast Humane Society shelter in Fort Bragg.  I was adopted as a pup by a nice, quirky, couple and now live quite comfortably in Mendocino.

My friends say that I am outgoing and energetic, some might even say athletic. I don’t like to boast, but I run extremely fast and can turn on a dime. My hobbies include taking long hikes with my pack, disassembling “indestructible” dog toys, chasing cats (or squirrels or geese or deer or balls or small children or…..), following my nose in new directions and, of course, getting belly rubs.  I am not fond of baths, being told what to do, or rides in the car, but survive these human-centered ordeals with as much dignity as I can muster.

I started this blog because, quite frankly, I have a great deal to say and my human pack seems to frown upon my vocalizations.  My only recourse…..  take up writing.

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